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Vera Moore: President & CEO
of Vera Moore Cosmetics
Real women, Real Life,
Real Inspiration
Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant
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Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant: Destiny Designer!

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Edited_WTV_template_Madeline McCray
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Madeline McCray: Create Your Amazing Life!

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Diane DiResta: Founder & CEO DiResta Communications, Inc

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Elaine Rogers: Helping Women with Their Career and Speaking Goals

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Colby Christina: 13 Year Old Dynamo

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Women's TV

Women's TV is committed to supporting the growth, development and inspirational uplifting of women who may be experiencing devaluation and under-compensation in their lives by offering you the opportunity to hear some amazing untold stories of women who are willing to stand out and speak up.

Our Mission: Women’s TV is committed to supporting women of all ages in all walks of life by providing educational and inspirational programming which celebrates “Good Women Doing Great Things” in their homes, families, businesses, communities and the world. We are passionate about empowering women to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, achieve financial freedom and achieve the desires of their heart.

Dr. Gloria Nixon Pone, Founder of Women's TVWomen’s TV’s, founder and host is Reverend Dr. Gloria Nixon Pone. Gloria is an ordained minister, certified counselor, social justice advocate and community activist. Her various business management skills coupled with her diverse life experience of entrepreneurial creativity empowers her to fulfill her lifelong calling of inspiring women to realize their potential excellence. Click here to learn more about Gloria and her work.

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